2019 Made In America Calendar

Yes, its true! Cathy has decided to produce one more calendar! After 5 years of hearing from fans to bring it back, she chose to create one and ONLY one sequel to her most popular 2011 “An American Vintage Pinup Tribute” calendar, which featured her recreations of the most famous and widely- recognized wartime posters of Hollywood bombshells. If you don’t know the incredible story behind Cathy’s Charity Calendar, click here to read the circumstances that inspired the entire project and how it evolved.

This time, Cathy’s new 2019 “Made in America” calendar will feature a twist that came purely from fate. In 2011, she received a gift from author, collector and pinup expert, Louis K. Meisel. It was his gorgeous coffee table book of all the greatest 20th century pinup art. Meisel had compiled the most comprehensive collection of the famous artists and their paintings and illustrations, which were widely circulated in the wartime era. As Cathy began to consider a new calendar, she needed the perfect theme that would convey the message and story in the way that her audience expects, and, as always, she wanted to make sure to donate to a worthy cause specific to our Veterans. She contacted her friend and previous charity partner, Retired Staff Sergeant, Matt Nelson about teaming up on the charity portion. Then, she contacted Meisel about his book, and not only did he agree to endorse the project and let her use it as the inspiration and basis for her new calendar, but as a veteran himself, he offered to donate a percentage of any book sales that comes directly from the calendar publicity to Cathy’s chosen military charity, 22Kill.


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