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Steel Honor Ring

Steel Honor Ring

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22KILL Honor Ring
These rings are 6mm wide, as opposed to the standard 8mm rings, and have a stepped edge like the titanium rings.
Engravings are not available for this ring

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What is difference between the types of metal?

Tungsten is a heavier and much harder metal compared to titanium. It is scratch resistant, but also more brittle because of its hardness. Tungsten rings can shatter, crack, or chip if dropped or struck; it just depends on the force and area of impact.

Titanium is a very lightweight metal and is more durable than tungsten. It won't break, but is more prone to scratching.

Steel rings are similar to titanium, but are more malleable and easier to scratch.

By nature, these metals are not black. Tungsten is a dark grey color, and titanium and steel are a lighter silver color. The rings are coated in a black alloy plating. This coating can eventually wear off, the duration of which is dependent on the individual wearing it. Light fading can happen naturally after a few years of wear. Heavier and quicker fading is caused by excessive contact with abrasive substances or chemicals, hard surfaces, or frequent exposure to water. In terms of color, tungsten rings are known to last longer than titanium.

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